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Nationwide Car Insurance Company is one of the acclaimed cheap insurance providers in the segment of automobile insurance. The company is a mutual insurance company, which has earned name for offering affordable policies with interesting coverage.
out of 599 user reviews

Insurance Coverage

As you would have a natural inclination to select a cheap car insurance provider to save some money on premiums, you must get a good knowledge of what they are offering generally before proceeding. This will steer your way clear of confusions and give the opportunity to select the best plan.

The company scores 91 in 100 for providing car insurances. The various ratings that contribute towards this score are an affordability rating of full 5, customer satisfaction rating of 3.9, and financial stability rating of 4.2.

Before you get your insurance policy from the company, you must know in detail about the company profile and nationwide car insurance reviews for taking a proper decision regarding your car’s insurance.

Coverage Options

Standard coverage is available under the Nationwide car insurance company. The common ones are property damage coverage, bodily injury coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, comprehensive and collision coverage, medical coverage etc. Besides these, there is some the coverage provided by the company and they are as follows:

Roadside Assistance - this comes in use when you are a problem in the middle of the road for any odd reason like a flat tire, tire burst, car broken down, out of gas, accident, towing needed etc.

Rental Reimbursement - the rental reimbursement is for times when you have to rent a car for your own car not being in the running state, in repairs, in the garage, or broken etc.

Accident forgiveness - this coverage doesn’t fit the rules of all states in the U.S and hence is not available for all states. When you get this, the coverage saves you for the first time you make an accident.

To know that you are making the most with this car insurance provider, you must learn what other insurers are giving you, and the special and extra coverage you are getting from the other insurance providers.


When affordability is rated, it means how much the normal average person can afford the premiums of the insurance. In a scale of 5, the Nationwide Car Insurance gets the full 5. This means it is the most affordable of all auto insurance providers.

Being cheap and affordable the Nationwide Car Insurance quotes will always be low and easy to pay.

In a hypothetical case study it's seen that supposing the monthly premium to be $90, it looks much less expensive from the average insurance premiums by $40 to $59. Again when calculated the same case with a 6 months sub, the savings on 6 months compared to premiums of other insurance providers can be $200 to $299. This shows how affordable and cheap the premiums of the company are.

On top of all that the Nationwide Car Insurance also offers discounts on many coverages like the following thus giving one chance to save more on the insurance premium per month:

  • Anti-Theft Devices
  • Group Membership
  • Electronic Billing
  • Defensive Driver Courses
  • Good Student
  • Multi-Line Policy
  • Mileage Verification
  • Safe Driving Record
  • Family Plan

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 
out of 599 user reviews

The customer satisfaction survey done on Nationwide Car Insurance returns a satisfaction score of 3.9 on a scale of 5, and this score is pretty decent when you compare it to the customer satisfaction scores of other insurance providers.

The data is based on a few parameters where rating is given on a scale of 10. They are as follows:

Premium Affordability - 7.1

Claims Process - 8.1

Ease of Setup - 8.6

Customer Service - 8

Discount Satisfaction - 6.7

Financial Stability

Financial Stability Rating: 
out of 599 user reviews

The financial stability rating of Nationwide Car Insurance is 4.2. This is at par with the standard financial stability ratings of other insurance providers in market. The reported total assets of the company are of $197.1 billion. And when you compare it to the average of 102.5 billion of all leading insurance companies in the U.S, you can see that the figure is quite healthy.

Other than the numerical rating it has also been rated by private agencies, and the ones worth highlight are Moody’s, A. M Best, and S&P, all rating it with A+.

Concluding Notes

As you can see that the company stands in a good place with a nice customer service rating, a good claims process rating, and also a very good affordability rating, you may feel like checking out their quotes. They are one of the most preferred cheap insurance providers of the country, and have a demand in all states for the U.S. If you want to compare their quotes and features, advantages and disadvantages with other companies, you must give them a call for a quote. Their helpline number is (877) 669-6877, and general phone number is (614) 249-7111.

Survey Review Data

Contact Info

General Phone Number: 
Customer Service Phone: 

Nationwide Headquarters 
One Nationwide Plaza 
Columbus, Ohio 43215-2220

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