What Is Personal Injury Protection?

Writen Jul 25, 2017

The above word, PIP is related with a type of insurance or can be called as a personal medical protection to those peoples who have this. PIP, stands for personal injury protection auto insurance or personal insurance protection. This is for the coverage of the amount of the medical treatment or the amount of wage and the cost of other damages at the time of car accident. It is the extension of your health insurance. In the case when your insurance company doesn’t cover the amount of your health than the PIP help to cover your expenses, hospital bills etc. also it can be a great supplement to your health insurance. All the amount of coverage and the procedures are depending upon the area you are living.

How it works

The coverage of PIP depends upon the no-fault insurance law. If you are living in a state with no-fault insurance law, and any car accident have occurred with you and only minor injuries are there, then you don’t have any need to claim that amount to the insurance company of the other driver. All you need to do, is to cover the amount from your own insurance company. If there is no, no-fault insurance law than the whole procedure changes. The coverage of the amount of the medical injuries can only be done from the faulty driver’s insurance company. The at-fault driver and the driver’s insurance company is responsible for the coverage of the total medical cost of the injured people.

PIP vs medical payments coverage

If you have any accident and you have any medical payment coverage policy than all the required and reasonable or major medical treatment payments are made by your insurance company. It covers the cost of medical treatment only at the time of accident. And also they provide the facilities and treatment that are needy to you.

In a personal injury/insurance protection. If you have any accident than the PIP auto coverage the cost of your personal, professional and other cost. Also it covers the cost of the wages lost, and many more non-medical issues o that person who is physically or mentally injured or have some personal lost.

Coverage by StateMinimum PIP Limits
Florida $10,000
Hawaii 10,000
Kansas 9,000
Kentucky 10,000
Massachusetts 8,000
Michigan Unlimited
Minnesota 40,000
New Jersey 15,000
New York 50,000
North Dakota 30,000
Oregon 15,000
Pennsylvania 5,000
Utah 3,000

Getting a PIP filed

A PIP claim is the most first step to getting the benefits and the coverage of the amount. It covers the cost of treatment for medical injuries of the insured person and also the loss of earning of that person up to the amount of claim by the person.

In some case when the amount of your health treatment or medical bills exceeds the limit of the amount of your claim than the PIP coverage will not take care of your medical expenses after the amount of your claim covered, as your medical expenses. If you have any health insurance against your health injuries of medical expenses, then the health insurance company will pay the amount of bill after the PIP coverage. All you need to have cooperate with your PIP coverage company and the health insurance company by providing useful and truthful information, for getting covered for all your expenses related to medical issues and the loss of your earning but up to the claim amount.